Wetling WMCS

Wireless Micro Current Stimulation
Ground Breaking Wound Healing Technology

Non healing Chronic Wounds and some Acute Wounds, are causing serious problems for many patients, and their life quality can be poor.

Wetling WMCS significantly enhances healing of:

  • Venous ulcers
  • Arterial ulcers
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Burns; first, second and third degree
  • Fractures and surgical wounds

Benefits of the WMCS Therapy

The WMCS therapy produces results, that in most cases exceeds what is expected in conventional wound healing

  • Quicker recovery
  • Fast pain relief & painfree treatment
  • Based on the body’s own natural healing process Optimal hygiene, – reduced risk of infections Very easy set-up, operation & portability
  • Significant cost savings in ongoing nursing care Less changes of wound dressing needed
  • Treats wounds of up to 300 sq centimetres

The achieved results by using the WMCS method are very positive. In about 75% of all cases, we could see a significant improvement in the wound healing process, compared to treatment known so far”. “This is why we highly recommend this method to all interested Wound Specialists.

Superindendent Dr.med Thomas Zehnder

Head of Angiology and Wound Ambulance, Hospital Thun, Switzerland

Introduction to Wetling WMCS – Advanced Wound Healing Technology

WMCS – Wireless Micro Current Stimulation – is a groundbreaking new Wound Healing Technology, for Professional care of both Chronic & Acute Wounds.

Electrical Stimulation –
The Scientific Background for WMCS

The WMCS Technology is based on a well known, and scientifically verified method (Class 1A evidence) – the use of Electrical Stimulation (ES) in wound-healing.

Despite this, the use of Electrical Stimulation for wound healing, has up till now been quite limited, due to major disadvantages in previous treatment techniques.

WMCS is the answer to these previous limitations.

A reason for applying ES, Electrical Stimulation is, that it mimics the natural current and will accelerate the healing process

Sussman Physical Therapy

The Human Body’s own Bio-electric system – Core of the WMCS treatment

The Human body has its own bio-electric system.

This bio-electric system influences wound healing by attracting the cells of repair, changing cell membrane permeability, enhancing cellular secretion through cell membranes, and orienting cell structures.

A measurable electrical current, known as the ‘current of injury’, is naturally generated between the skin and the inner tissue, when the skin is damaged.

If this natural process is interrupted, the healing of the injured tissue will be incomplete, which may result in chronic wounds.

WMCS Therapy re-establishes, stimulates and accelerates the body’s own natural healing process.

Wireless Micro Current Stimulation – How does it work?

In short, WMCS is Electric Stimulation, applied wirelessly to the wound.

The basis of an electric current is movement of electrons. The WMCS technology uses oxygen’s and nitrogen’s ability to donate electrons, a process similar to what we know from nature in large scale, lightning during thunderstorm.

The innovative WMCS technology enables oxygen molecules from the air to be charged with electrons. These charged oxygen molecules are sprayed onto the wound. When the charged molecules touch the wound or skin surface, they will release the electrons, while the oxygen molecule itself merely carries in the air.

WMCS – Benefits

The WMCS offers a non-invasive (no physical contact to the wound) treatment, that significantly reduces or eliminates previous disadvantages of ES*)

*) Previous methods of applying ES to a wound, included inserting electric conductors directly into the skin.

WMCS highlights:

  • High efficiency healing
  • Pain relief
  • Based on the body’s own natural healing process
  • Easy-to-use equipment
  • Painfree treatment
  • Low risk of infections & complications

About Wetling – The Company

Wetling is a leading supplier of groundbreaking Wound Healing Technology – for professional care of both Chronic and Acute Wounds.

The Wetling WMCS Technology (Wireless Micro Current Stimulation) – has been invented and patented by Wetling.

Wetling originates from Denmark, – but the company is represented with subsidiaries world wide.

Please see our website for more information about the Wetling Company and the WMCS Technology, and feel free to contact us for further information.

Best regards,
The Wetling Team

In Ostalb-Klinikum Aalen, Academic University Hospital of Ulm, Germany, we are using the WMCS therapy in leg ulcers of any origin and in diabetic foot ulcers, with very encouraging results

Superintendent Dr. Med. Peter Wirsing

Sussman Physical Therapy

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