Wetling W200 Testimonials

I am not a medical professional or have a great knowledge of medical treatment. However, have observed the following with my wife Barbara’s leg wound.

In January this year Barbara had a wound on her right leg that took some five months to heal and included many visits from Silver chain. The reason given for the troublesome wound not healing was poor circulation in her legs.

In mid-July Barbara accidentally caused a skin tear on her left leg. After a little over two weeks there was no sign of the wound mending. She visited Dr Sovann with the problem. He determined that the wound would not heal readily due to poor blood circulation and water retention. He started treatment with the Wetling machine. After the first treatment session, the wound and all peripheral areas around it lost its angry red colour and its general appearance looked much healthier, and that improvement has continued. After the fourth treatment there were definite signs of skin growth around the outer edges of the wound. That skin growth has continued to this day. In comparing the colour of her left and right leg, there is quite a difference in the overall skin colour, particularly around the wound area. It has been a positive and pain free experience for Barbara considering her previous experience with wound healing.

We are glad to have had the opportunity to try the Wetling machine.

Barbara’s Case Study

Vic Gwynne

Husband of Patient Barbara Gwynne

I am writing this as a patient of Dr Sovann who has been treating my leg from whence the graft skin was taken.

Dr Sovann asked my permission to use his new Wetling machine on my leg wound. This was a major step in the right direction, as the results have brilliant to say the least. From a patient’s point of view, the treatment is completely painless. While the treatment is in progress for some 45 minutes, one could happily sit there and dose off, or even read a book. There is virtually no sensation. If asked, you may feel a gentle flow of air through the treated area. It was’t until Dr Sovann suggested it that I could in fact, notice it.

The treatment has hastened the repair by some 6 to 10 days as you will see from the photographs.


Dennis A. Gorton