Healing of surgery wound by Wetling W200
Wireless Micro-current Stimulation (WMCS)

Dr Ritthy Sovann
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The Patient (Mr. PW)

  • Mr Wood is an 84-year-old West Australian local
Early July before operation


  • Mr Wood had surgery on the 3rd of July 2018 to remove an extensive squamous carcinoma cancer
  • Carcinoma is 0.3mm from the closest margin
Operation to remove Squamous cell carcinoma

Post Surgery

  • Post-surgery, he was given 3 consecutive daily treatments with the Wetling Wireless Micro Current Stimulation (WMCS) Advanced Wound Healing Technology, by Dr Sovann
Day after operation July 4th. First Wetling Treatment.
Second Wetling Treatment
Third Wetling Treatment
Stitches removed

Treatment completed

  • Both the nurse & Mr Wood were amazed at how quickly after his surgery the wound healed
  • The last photo is of Mr Wood today with the area fully healed and no noticeable scarring
Picture of Peter 26/4/2019
Dr Ritthy Sovann

Dr Ritthy Sovann


Dr Ritthy Sovann is the principal physician and owner of Riverton Medical Centre in Western Australia

Wetling W200 WMCS

  • The device is currently manufactured in Denmark (Europe, not WA!) and the technology employed in the device was developed by the late John Wetling (architect) in conjunction with burns and chronic wound clinics in Switzerland and Germany
  • The device has TGA registration since 2013; also have medical regulatory approvals in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea
  • It is Wireless!
The electrodes are attached to the skin on either side of the wound itself

Electrical Stimulation (ES) of wound

  • Not a new thing
  • Has been around for 70 years
    • Confirmed by science to:
    • Increase blood flow and oxygenation of wound tissues
    • Promotes angiogenesis
    • Stimulation of collagen synthesis
    • Activates re-epithelialisation by directed keratinocytes migration
    • Reduce pain and oedema
  • Highest grade of evidence (Level Ia) for healing of chronic wound

W200 Treatment protocol

  • Daily treatment (X3) treatment
  • 4 treatments in total
  • 1 day break with no treatment
  • 1.5microAmp each
  • 45 minutes each treatment