Healing of left calf wound by Wetling W200
Wireless Micro- current Stimulation (WMCS)

Dr Ritthy Sovann
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The Patient (Mrs. BG)

  • Mrs. BG
  • 83-year-old with atrial fibrillation on anticoagulant, and mixed venous and arterial disease
  • Wound left calf last 2 weeks
  • Wound healing has slowed down
  • Patient consented to use the W200 wound treatment device
  • Last leg ulcer took 5 months to heal
Day 0 – No treatment

Day 7 – after 3 treatments

After 1st week

  • 3 treatments per week
  • 45mins
  • 1.5microAmps
  • Wounddriedafter1st treatment
  • Painimprovedafter second treatment
  • Skincolourimproved (better oxygenation and perfusion of wound)


After 2nd week

  • Wound start to contract after 6 treatments
  • Skin colour remained good (sign of good perfusion)

Day 14 – after 6 treatments

Day 21 – after 9 treatments

After the 3rd week

After the 4th week

Day 28 – after 12 treatments

Day 35 – after 15 treatments

After the 5th week

W200 Treatment protocol

  • Daily treatment
  • 1.5microAmp each treatment
  • 45 minutes each treatment
Dr Ritthy Sovann

Dr Ritthy Sovann


Dr Ritthy Sovann is the principal physician and owner of Riverton Medical Centre in Western Australia


Last leg ulcer took 5 months to heal by secondary intention

I am not a medical professional or have a great knowledge of medical treatment. However, have observed the following with my wife Barbara’s leg wound.

In January this year Barbara had a wound on her right leg that took some five months to heal and included many visits from Silver chain. The reason given for the troublesome wound not healing was poor circulation in her legs.

In mid-July Barbara accidentally caused a skin tear on her left leg. After a little over two weeks there was no sign of the wound mending. She visited Dr Sovann with the problem. He determined that the wound would not heal readily due to poor blood circulation and water retention. He started treatment with the Wetling machine. After the first treatment session, the wound and all peripheral areas around it lost its angry red colour and its general appearance looked much healthier, and that improvement has continued. After the fourth treatment there were definite signs of skin growth around the outer edges of the wound. That skin growth has continued to this day. In comparing the colour of her left and right leg, there is quite a difference in the overall skin colour, particularly around the wound area. It has been a positive and pain free experience for Barbara considering her previous experience with wound healing.

We are glad to have had the opportunity to try the Wetling machine.


Vic Gwynne

Husband of Patient Barbara Gwynne