About Us


FSH Medical Pty Ltd (ACN 621 350 187) was incorporated in August 2017.  The Directors of the company are:

  • Dr Ritthy Sovann
  • Mr Brandon KL Teo


Wound healing in the past has been left to the action of the human body, which is a wonderfully designed biological healing entity, capable of self-healing in various arrays of environmental insults.  Whether it is friction rub to third degree burn; paper cuts to bullet wounds; love bites to pressure sores; cold sores to diabetic ulcers, the healing process would majority of the time restore the body back to some form of functional capability provided the insult is not severe enough to cause death.

What happens when this normal healing process arrests?  What we get is chronic wounds, when a wound has failed to heal for more than 3 months.

In the last 20 to 30 years, much researches have gone into the biology, physiology, immunology, and biochemistry of wound healing.  Various treatment modalities have been invented to reproduce the normal healing process.  These treatment modalities include Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT), Negative Pressure Wound Treatment (NPWT) and now we have Wireless Microcurrent Stimulation (WMCS), the latest innovation for burns and chronic wound treatment, which produces results in most cases exceeds what is expected in conventional wound healing.

The company was established to distribute the Wetling W200 WMCS wound healing device in Australia and New Zealand.

Our Motto:

Less pain, rapid healing!

Our Vision:

Serving the health of the communities in Australia and abroad by accelerating burns and chronic wound healing through the practice of evidence-based wound management and the use of our medical device, the Wetling W200 WMCS.

Our Mission statements/goals:

  • To accelerate wound healing in patients with burns and chronic wounds, through the use of our WMCS wound healing device;
  • To accelerate burns and chronic wound healing through the practice of evidence based clinical wound management;
  • To reduce the suffering of pain in patients with burns and chronic wound;
  • To improve the quality of life in patients with burns and chronic wound, and thus improve the health of patients in the community;
  • To make our product accessible to the communities that needs it the most, for example, as in our indigenous population; remote communities, where there is a lack of medical service.

Product description

Our product is the Wetling W200 Wireless Microcurrent Stimulation wound healing device for burns and chronic wound.  The devices inception was through its Danish inventor, the late John Wetling, with inputs from Germans chronic wound and burn clinics.

The product gained its CE registration (Europe) in 2012 and TGA registration (Australia) in 2013.  The product is currently being used to treat patients in Europe, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and now Australia and soon to be in New Zealand.

Two randomised control trials on burns (1 in Germany and 1 in Singapore) and one randomised control trial (RCT) on chronic wound are due to be completed in November 2017.

We are in the process of running a RCT at Fiona Stantley Hospital, Western Australia, on chronic wounds.  Also, we have been given a treatment arm in the upcoming HDWA sponsored HBOT on chronic wounds.

Future plans

We plan to set up a dedicated Rapid Wound Healing Clinic in the future to provide rapid wound healing for patients suffering from burn injuries and chronic wounds.